Parent Teacher Meets

Parent-teacher Meetings are arranged periodically after the assessment tests and answer scripts are shown to discuss the total performance of their wards. The Modern Academy is one of the very few schools in this metropolis where the teacher-student ratio is optimal giving scope for close monitoring of the all round development of each student. A student here is not just a face in a crowd but a distinct individual for each teacher. At the commencement of each academic year the Principal personally holds orientation meetings with the parents of all classes separately so that teachers and parents can work in harmony to bring out the potential of a child.

Student's counselling is done as and when required by the Director & Principal. Parents are called by the class teachers or subject teacher individually when a student tends to be indifferent to his/her studies or develops some behavioral problems. The Modern Academy, a new age educational school offers all round excellent education for boys and girls up to I.S.C. level. The strength of the Academy lies in its well-qualified and experienced teaching staff well-equipped laboratories, library & computer department. The Academy also has provision for karate, Kumite and yoga. Extra curricular activities like quiz. debate, elocution, creative writing & drawing competitions are organized on a regular basis. Excursions and winter camps, summer camps, winter festivals have been introduced to benefit the students to be self-reliant and for the inculcation of team spirit.