About Us

About Us

About Us

Rector : Prof. Dr. Gopal Mitra
The Modern Academy aims for all round development of our students preparing them to face the future challenges of life. A student requires to develop an integrated personality with an open mind to surge forward. Education, which is an ongoing process, must not be restricted in the format of school examination. The yardstick of measurement of progress in education is not only scoring high marks in examinations but in creative opening up of a student. The way a flower takes its own time to blossom a student with his latent potential takes his own course of opening up. At The Modern Academy our teachers' role is more of a facilitator and nurturer of the young minds. Our continuous endeavour provides comprehensive programme schedule for curricular co-curricular and extra curricular activities of the students.

The Students Council, consisting of the Head boy, Sports Captain and House Captains plays a constructive role in our school. The students, while shouldering the responsibilities, learn how to reach out by interacting with others. It is indeed self rewarding to watch how a student becomes identified with the group that he works with, shedding fetters of his individual identity.

Over the past decade, every year we have been organizing successful project exhibitions in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History & Geography. Eminent scientists and celebrities who had been invited to inaugurate the exhibitions motivated the students with their enlightening speeches. It is always ensured that the topics of the project are related to the text. Through these manifold projects students learn to think and hone probing minds and analytical abilities. Learning becomes conceptual, functional, interactive and a happy experience.

Our annual excursions, field trips, winter camp, fete, athletic meet, yoga & karate competitions, regular cricket, football and badminton tournaments, assembly talk and plenty of such worthwhile activities, bring out spontaneity of our students, inculcate values like discipline, perseverance, empathy, unity etc and lend more depth & meaning to the process of teaching and learning. Let the new generation strive for excellence in all spheres and make the workd a better place to live in.

The Academy's students regularly participate in the Inter-School Competitions at the local, state and national level. A spontaneous linguistic, regional, racial and commercial harmony in the Academy will pave the way for national integration and international understanding.

Academy Staff

The members of the teaching faculty are highly qualified and trained and work under the direction of the Co-ordinator and Principal. Details to be given.

Computer operation and Training

The Academy has a computer department for educational purposes from class I.


A pupil receives an all round education by adopting carefully planned syllabus ensuring physical, mental and a social development. Through extensive project work students develop a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Co-curricular activities are conducted effectively under the House system and cultural societies to inculcate creativity and leadership quality. Education imparted at the Academy becomes functional, interactive and enjoyable.

Cultural Societies

There are organized groups and societies engaged in cultural activities. These are:

  • Quiz Club
  • Karate Club
  • Eco Club
  • Debating Club
In addition to the regular creative and culture activities stated above, excursions, winter camps and educational trips are organized as a part to the training.

Aims and work

The work of the Academy is divided under four broad headings:

  • Academic Work
  • Hobby and Creative activities
  • Physical activities
  • Training in responsible behavior.